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10 Things About Desolation Canyon

10 Things About Desolation CanyonAfter recently returning from an incredible river trip through Desolation Canyon, one thing that sticks in my mind is the enriching conversations I had with the kids on this trip. A favorite book we talked about was Kate DiCamillo’s “Because of Winn Dixie.” In this book Opal, a young girl missing her mother, asks her father to tell her 10 things about her mom. Opal later lists 10 things about her dog, Winn Dixie at a time when she was missing him terribly.

Since these conversations were such a joy on this trip I thought I would share 10 things about my Desolation Canyon trip to look back on when I really begin to miss the river.

1. The beauty. Desolation Canyon is absolutely breathtaking. The plane flight to the Green River proved just how remote Desolation Canyon is. We flew over mountains, canyons, and wildlife. The pilot was in constant contact with us and his love for this land was contagious. In the canyon we found sandy beaches lined with multicolored rock walls and green cottonwood trees.

2. No communication. No email, cell phones, Internet. I feel the only way to be cut off from the world is to be in a place so remote that you don’t have a choice. And a good choice it is.

3.Trust in others. Going from complete strangers as we headed to catch our planes, to becoming trusting friends was proven throughout this trip. I recall getting ready to swim Wire Fence Rapid when a younger girl beside me asked me to hold her hand. Trusting that no one will snicker or think you are a coward for sharing that you are nervous or need a helping hand. Pure and innocent trust in humans.

4. Feeling of contentment. Simply being surrounded by nature’s beauty with others that want the same, sleeping under the stars, getting into the rhythm of the river.

5. The warm waters of the Green River. Perfect for swimming, unexpected water fights, and paddling in the duckies.

6. The wildlife. We hit the jackpot! We saw frogs, horses, cows, mule deer, a scorpion, few harmless snakes, beavers, big horn sheep, and three, yes THREE bear!

7. The guides. Andrew, Megan, Taylor, Jacob, Libby….What can I say? You gave us courage, you trusted us, you love your jobs, you listened, you made us laugh, and you made a darn good breakfast.

8. The many surprises along the way. Sorry-I am not giving any of those away!

9.The kids that came along. My husband and I have grown children and we came to this trip childless. As odd as it may sound to some, we were so glad to have children on this trip. They were having so much fun the adults wanted to do the same. I don’t think we would have been too inclined to try some of the things we did of it wasn’t for the kids to show us the way.

10. Western River Expeditions. You have given me the memories to have a place to escape to when life is just not going the best. You have given me courage, you have given me peace of mind when I need it the most, and you have given me the opportunity to meet some fantastic people.

This is our second trip with WRE. Last year doing the seven day Grand Canyon trip. For lack of a better term – it was amazing. Way in the back of my mind, I knew last year’s trip was the “grand” one. I wondered a bit if Desolation Canyon could live up to that life changing experience Igained in those seven days. This one did. Many have asked me which was better and I have to say that is a very unfair question. They are both very different. It all comes down to what you let it be.

Until we travel together down the river again,
Karen Bennett

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