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Don’t Forget to Play When You Go Play! – Desolation Canyon Trip

Desolation Canyon Trip

I took my 9 year old daughter on a rafting trip a few years back – actually skipping my 20 year High School reunion. I don't know how the reunion went, but I sure am glad I spent that time with my daughter!! 

She is the oldest, of 5 brothers and wasn't too sure she wanted to go rafting, at first. She didn't LOVE the idea of getting splashed all the time and was not as thrilled by the big waves and rapids like my boys had been on day trips in other areas. But she came along anyway.

She found a friend her age on the trip and loved making drip castles on every shore we visited during that trip. She looked for pebbles and made friendship bracelets with the guides… She and I had an absolute blast in the Rubber Duckie (inflatable kayak). I could tell she still didn't love getting splashed, but she never once complained!

I think it was good for her to see me being playful and relaxed, ready to do whatever was next. Desolation Canyon sure has some interesting history to witness. It must have taken a very hardy type to make it in these beautiful remote areas.

Some of the best memories we have are seeing a black bear and her cub on the far river shore, making their way among the rocks. They didn't mind us, and went on their way. We recalled since then the nights under the stars, the little rain drops that fell on our tarps to keep us dry… and sneaking Nutter Butter cookies with her during lunches.

These little things make such a big difference. And I'm sure it will for a lifetime – or until our next adventures create a whole new set of memories! Thanks Western for a wonderful time on the river!

Green River, Desolation Canyon 5 Day Expedition

Kamron – Wyoming

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