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Desolation Canyon – Amazing Family Trip


| February 6, 2015

We've done this Desolation Canyon rafting trip several times with our family and it is consistently the favorite family vacation for all us. Not only is it an incredibly easy vacation compared to other family trips, it also gives us an experience that we all truly share together - in every element. The beauty of a rafting trip in Desolation Canyon or a multi-day rafting trip anywhere I suppose, is that it's never the same. Every time Mother Nature throws something a little different at us and gives us something special to remember. We've met so many wonderful guides over the last several years. Western River is a top-notch rafting outfit and we will continue to trust them with our most memorable family vacations for years to come! Chandler Salt Lake City, UT Green River Desolation Canyon 4-5 Day from Moab, Utah
Western River Rafting Trip
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