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Desolation Canyon


| November 6, 2018

This rafting trip exceeded my already high expectations! Desolation Canyon is a magical place! I have done 12-days in the Grand Canyon, and I must say, the 5 days/4 nights in Deso were so much more "manageable" with no time to start missing creature comforts. The scenery and wildlife were plentiful and spectacular, the weather was perfect, and the rapids in the kayaks were fun beyond words!

Everyone at every step was fabulous -- from the time I made our reservation, to the folks in Moab, the pilots, etc. And, I cannot say enough wonderful things about the 5 guides! Abi, Brityn, Brian, Tori and Kelty -- what a crew! These "kids" are pros! Every single one of them was on top of their game 110% of the trip. Our trip leader, Abi was amazing: enthusiastic and in control without missing a beat, always had an eye on the big picture while delegating perfectly, and taking care of every single person in the mix. All the guides were eager to make our experience perfect, comfortable and memorable, non-stop looking for ways to be helpful, fun, informative -- and they were so knowledgeable about the area. Even when a guest (or two) was being annoying, they re-directed the moment into easy fun. They were so skilled and sweet to the kids on the trip. These 5 have skills and grace way beyond their years -- I would do another trip with any of them in a heartbeat! They set up camp and made gourmet meals in mere minutes! I was so impressed by how they got along with and helped each other with energy, harmony, humor and enthusiasm -- what a pleasure to behold!

The guides were also great in terms of teaching me to do the rapids in the kayak on my own. I'd love to do the same river again in a kayak, next summer I'm hoping! I plan to go back and try to be in a kayak as much as possible! I miss everyone!! I'll be doing this rafting trip again!!

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