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One-of-a-Kind Family Adventure in Desolation Canyon from Moab, Utah


| August 17, 2012

This was, without a doubt, one of the best experiences of my life. My wife and I took our 3 oldest boys on a 5 day rafting trip down Desolation Canyon on the Green River. The morning after an orientation to our trip at the Moab Adventure Center, we boarded a small 5-person airplane at the Moab airport. The pilot cranked up the propeller and we heard the early morning chatter of the small airport on our headphones. After soaring over spectacular canyons, herds of buffalo, and views that went on forever, we landed on a dirt road atop a plateau. We met our fantastic guides. Our kids formed an immediate bond with them. They were wonderful role models, clean cut, great sense of humor and the perfect hosts to our next 5 days in Desolation Canyon. (Our son, Ethan, is still talking about every one of them by name weeks after our trip). Our first stop for lunch on a large sandbar left our youngest son in tears when it was time to get back on the boats because, in his words, he "never wanted to leave this place." It was so great to see them all enveloped by nature and excited by the most simple things, having left all our electronics at home and being completely "off the grid" to have some invaluable time together. The next several days continued with the ideal rhythm of relaxing and swimming in the water, exploring ancient cultures on short hikes, having our guides cook wonderful meals for us, and just the right amount of whitewater along the way. Our kids really loved the "duckies" or inflatable kayaks that Western River Expeditions provides on this trip. This gave them a chance to be hands-on, feel a bit challenged and made the whitewater much more exciting! Desolation Canyon is an amazing trip that I'd recommend for any family or even just couples or solo travelers. We had a mixture of both on our trip and all seemed to really enjoy the experience. We have the opportunity to travel quite a bit with our family and this was one of the best family vacations I can imagine. It's hard to find a vacation these days where you can really "disconnect" and get away from everything. This trip through Desolation Canyon, or I'm sure any of the rafting trips with Western River Expeditions, provide this opportunity to share every element of the experience together. An experience we'll never forget! This will be an annual tradition for us. We'll be back next year! Brandon - Salt Lake City Utah - Green River Desolation Canyon 4-5 Day  
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