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Western River Trip Reviews

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We had the most amazing trip rafting down the Snake River! We can’t thank Journey, Will, Tyler, and Sara enough. They were awesome. Making the trip smooth and fun for all ages in our group. Fun to be around, helpful with all we needed. The food was great as well. Didn’t hurt having the extra guides with us that were getting licensed. They were all...Read More ›

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From the moment we left Las Vegas, we were thrilled and excited to be taken this once in a lifetime journey (maybe we'll take it again someday). The Bar 10 Ranch was unique and the staff overly accommodating. The river rafting was top notch and extremely private (didn't see many other rafters over 90 miles). The guides worked their butts off and...Read More ›
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It truly had everything! The exciting small plane ride, awesome helicopter ride down into the canyon, experienced guides that truly accommodate your every need! The scenery and the camaraderie were unparalleled to any experience I have had! Highly recommend this trip!

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Thank you for the adventure and trip of a lifetime. This was by far and away the best way to see the Grand Canyon. We did 188 miles or 2/3rds of the Canyon. Six days of rafting, exploring, and hiking, and five nights of camping under the stars. The best River Guides who loved what they do. Amazing meals. Met beautiful and loving people, made new...Read More ›

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Phil Cohen. - | May 28, 2021

Not going to take up a lot of space here but this trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. It was flawless from beginning to end. Every I was dotted and every T was crossed. I have have thought long and hard about what I would change about my packing or what I would recommend WR change or do differently and I can't come up with any...Read More ›

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The Grand Canyon and its river capture me to the core! It is nature at its finest. The canyon walls are complex, perplexing, raw, and rugged. Yet being in the bottom of this canyon for 6 days brings peace and joy to my life that is unmatched.

Our 16 member group of family and friends had an unforgettable week! Thank you Newty and...Read More ›

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Best week ever. That’s an understatement. A week of floating down the Grand Canyon with 16 family and friends, gourmet food, sleeping under the stars, magnificent scenery, out of reach from the demands of modern life. Truly couldn’t have asked for a better week. Paco and Newty were the best of guides I’ve had anywhere, and how I’d love to rewind time...Read More ›