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Western River Trip Reviews

Wre Grand 4 Day 18
Everything we experienced on this trip, from the Ranch Tour to the helicopter ride to the Colorado Riverside to the white water rafting was a wonderful time! The staff and food were amazing. The group of people we were with & hooked up with made for a great experience. We highly recommend this trip to view the Grand Canyon!Read More ›
Wre Grand 3 Day 5
We had a great time! It was worth the 2 year wait! The Ranch tour, Western Rivers Expeditions, the helicopter ride, the staff, the food and the company were all excellent. We highly recommend this trip to view The Grand Canyon from the Colorado River. Hope everyone can have as great a group as us...Read More ›
Wre Grand 6 7 Day 10
I really loved this experience from every perspective. The guides (Steven, Riley, Mackay and Mark) were unbelievable and with true passion for what they do. They are incredible cooks too! The hikes, the rapids, the waterfalls, the views, like you never experienced. We had an awesome group of people, and that made it even better. One thing I was going...Read More ›
Wre Grand 6 7 Day 9 1603313788
This trio was a dream come true. Checked it off the list. All the guys were wonderful, the food was great and the 14 Boston boys were a hoot. We were on the most sedate raft, but no less the excitement. Riding on the pontoon on the second day was some thrill. However, the helicopter and plane ride held some excitement as well. Good job to everyone...Read More ›
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Aaron Burkhardt. - | June 13, 2021
Sometimes in life you find someplace to both disconnect from the world while connecting even more to those around you. I was lucky to spend time with friends and make new ones in a beautiful place. My wife and I took this same trip back in 2014 and had an amazing trip. When we landed in Marble Canyon and walked off the plan, we were excited to...Read More ›
Desolation Canyon Utah Rafting Whitewater Smiles
22 friends and acquintances from Washington and California had a great experience rafting Desolation Canyon for 5 days with Western River Expeditions in June 2021. Our guides amazed us with their enthusiasm, strength, and joy in showing us such a beautiful wilderness area, as well as their profound respect for the land and its history. The variety...Read More ›
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There are no words to describe this adventure. I was in awe. It was hot but better than cold or rain. Being from Florida the heat did not bother us. Our guides, we had 2 rafts, Newt, Mark, Ben, and Swan were just the best. Watching these guys handle the meals and supplies for this large group should have been filmed. A true love of what they...Read More ›