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Experiencing the Grand Canyon by river raft is such a unique experience, it has hard to describe. The peace and fascination of being in a billions of years old environment, watching the different layers of history as we travel down the river, everyones quiet awe of the ever changing beauty , mixed with yells and laughter of hitting the rapids. The...Read More ›
Westwater Rafting
First of all, I selected Western River Expeditions on a recommendation from good friends (Juliette and Noel) that rafted with them a couple years ago. They said the trip would be amazing and they were absolutely correct! Our trip included my wife Katherine, daughter Claira, son Gabriel and me. It was part of Katherine's 50th B-Day present trip...Read More ›
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Many people have asked us about our trip through the Grand Canyon with Western River, and I'll say it here also that it's almost indescribable. Once in a lifetime experience, amazing views, thrilling rapids but also enough river time to take in the serenity of the river, interesting people including the other guests and the experienced guides. All a...Read More ›
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A trip like this has been on my list to do for a long time and this was absolutely wonderful! Glamping, spending time with my son, new friends, beautiful scenery, hiking, delicious meals, starry nights, knowledgeable and fun guides made it a wonderful vacation. I feel fortunate to have seen the canyon from the bottom up. It was definitely a...Read More ›

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Sheri Wantland. - | June 25, 2021
Sublime scenery, fun-filled days, expert crew, friendly fellow rafters, star-studded nights, history, geology, wildlife, good food! This trip is the perfect balance of adventure and excitement with renewal and relaxation.Read More ›
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My husband and I completely got out of our comfort zone with Western River 7 day Grand Canyon rafting trip! I've not camped in 40 years, never sleeps under the stars and certainly never spent 7 days at the front of a 40' pontoon raft! So fun! So challenging! And so worth it! Felt safe, was well fed and laughed my A.... off! Wiley and Hyrum kept...Read More ›
Scenic Grand Canyon
Sondra Johnson. - | June 24, 2021
While setting up for lunch one day several of us guests were still off loading from the boats when we hear the guides yelling down at us from up on the embankment. We look up and they are pointing frantically upriver. Only then did it finally register what they were saying. "GET ON THE BOAT!, GET ON THE BOAT!" Over the noise of the river I...Read More ›
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We were booked on the June 8-13 trip and it was an amazing experience. Knowledgeable, engaging, experienced, and conscientious staff were the best part of this world-class river canyon venue. Add to that a truly tech-disconnected and highly personal experience (which alone was worth the investment) and you've got the makings of a wonderful week....Read More ›


Such a unique and memorable experience. This came at the end of our Utah vacation including many adventures and quickly moved to the top of our list. A great mix of relaxation and taking in the scenery and thrilling enough to wow our teenagers. The food was delicious and everything well planned. Sleeping under the stars was the icing on the cake....Read More ›

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Andrea Griffiths. - | June 20, 2021
I went with my son-I wanted to give him something to remember forever!! So perfectly planned and executed. Those memories for a lifetime are just magic. I would 1000 times recommend western river vacations. It’s not just a trip, it’s the adventure you need.Read More ›