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My son and I did the Rogue River Rafting trip to celebrate his College Graduation. This was a fantastic experience! Tom is a talented guide who is attentive to each guest's preferences, making it a memorable experience for all. Ryan added to the fun with his expertise in bird watching and ability to find them even in dense forests. The Rogue...Read More ›
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This trip did exceed my expectations. All the accommodations were really top of the line. The rafting on the Pacuare is really spectacular. The lodge had some of the best food on the trip. There is a reason this river is one of the tops in the world. Rafted out on a very high water day, but our guide Ricardo did an amazing job. The variety...Read More ›

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Absolutely one of the best trips I have ever been on. I’ve been white water rafting many times but nothing compares to this experience. The water and views of the Grand Canyon walls were beautiful. Jumping off cliffs and hiking to waterfalls were just two of the activities that we thoroughly enjoyed. The guides Steven, Wiley, Scott, and Kelly were...Read More ›

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From beginning to end it was full of new experiences. Bar 10 Ranch, sleeping in a covered wagon, ATV ride, horseback ride, skeet shooting, BBQ, and entertainment!

First time in a helicopter! Meeting new folks... now friends...our fabulous guides!

(Mickie and the dads!) And the views from the River so grand! White water fun! The...Read More ›

Sun Rising in the Canyon

In 1995, Pippa and I took a trip up to Grand Canyon Village after a convention in Las Vegas. We saw the canyon from the air, and from inside at the Imax theatre, playing "Hidden Secrets". We vowed we would raft the canyon, last we achieved our bucket list ambition on a 3 day trip with Western.

The trip was all we had hoped for and more......Read More ›

This was a birthday present from my husband, who was going to send me by myself (cause he almost drowned on a river one time and this is not something he wanted to do, but knew that I did) but my daughter joined me and the 36 other new friends from around the country! It was a magical birthday present! Western River Expeditions crew expertly...Read More ›