double clickHualapai Skywalk & Bat Cave - A Unique Grand Canyon Vantage Point
Grand Canyon
3 Day Expedition
Hualapai Skywalk & Bat Cave

Mile 266 - Hualapai Skywalk & Bat Cave

The skywalk is a horseshoe-shaped structure with a glass floor. It’s construction was popularized in the media and opened doors to the public in 2007. Tourists visiting Hualapai land at Grand Canyon West are allowed to pay to walk out onto the structure and look down into the canyon.

U.S. Guano Corporation »

The U.S. Guano Corporation mined bat feces at Bat Cave on the north side of the river during the 1940s and 1950s. The feces were broken out of the cave with rakes and hoes, then transported via a tramway system thousands of feet out of the canyon. Eventually, by the 1960s the cave was “mined out” and the U.S. Guano Corporation had moved out of the canyon but left much of their infrastructure behind. In 1962, a jet traveling from Nellis Air Base clipped a cable supported by the towers. Part of the jet’s wing tip was sheared off during the event, fortunately the pilot was able to land the craft safely back at Nellis The towers that supported the tram system are still standing and are plainly visible on both sides of the canyon.

Upper Gorge Grand Canyon

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The upper Grand Canyon, as traveled by Western's 6 or 7 day expedition begins at Lees Ferry (mile 0) and finishes at Whitmore Wash (mile 188)

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