double clickWaltenberg Rapid - Named for a Grand Canyon Miner
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Mile 112 - Waltenberg Rapid

Waltenberg Rapid, named after John Waltenberg, worked for William Bass for 18 years building trails and mining asbestos and copper. Waltenberg also worked for Levi Noble mapping the Shinumo Quadrangle. Noble proposed the name Waltenberg, for the rapid and canyon located in the vicinity of where this quiet gentleman from Wisconsin spent many years of his life.

Ellsworth Kolb »

On Christmas Eve 1911, Ellsworth Kolb capsized his boat Defiance in the icy waters of Waltenberg Rapid. During the moments following, Emery Kolb smashed his boat Edith on a rock in what they later called “Christmas” Rapid. The next day, the brothers Kolb, with Bert Lauzon who had jumped into the river to rescue Defiance, patched the gaping hole in Emery’s boat.

Lower Gorge Grand Canyon

Lower Grand Canyon Mile by Mile »

The lower Grand Canyon, as traveled by Western's 3 or 4 day expedition begins at Whitmore Wash (mile 188) and finishes at Lake Mead (mile 277).

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