double clickDeer Creek Falls and Patio - A Beautiful Grand Canyon Vantage Point
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Deer Creek Falls and Patio

Mile 136 - Deer Creek Falls and Patio

Deer Creek Falls lands into a pool from a creek over 100 feet above it. Vegetation grows abundantly in the area surrounding the pool. In addition, the area is a fantastic place to relax and enjoy. For those who want to explore the canyon above the falls, a trail leads river runners and hikers several hundred feet above to a point overlooking the river. Views looking towards the Kaibab Plateau are phenomenal from this vantage. For those who feel comfortable with heights, it is possible to continue upstream to a place called the patio. Reaching the patio requires careful footwork and cool-headedness to navigate a short span of narrow ledge with a precarious drop below. The patio offers even more great places to relax, and the creek adjacent to the patio offers plenty of opportunity to cool off as well.

Deer Creek

Spiritual Significance »

The Southern Paiute people who call the north rim of the canyon home, utilized the Deer Creek drainage for hundreds of years before white settlers expanded into the southwest. The narrow slot canyon downstream from the patio is of particular significance to the Southern Paiute spiritual worldview, as it serves as a conduit for spirits passing from this life to the next.

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The lower Grand Canyon, as traveled by Western's 3 or 4 day expedition begins at Whitmore Wash (mile 188) and finishes at Lake Mead (mile 277).

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