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Western River Trip Reviews

Sunrise Desolation Canyon

This Desolation Canyon Rafting trip was so much more amazing than I expected. The river guides were awesome! The whole experience was a once in a lifetime trip. Every aspect of the trip was well thought out and done exceptionally , from the rafting, the food, to the sleeping arrangements. I never felt like I was not fully taken care of. I highly...Read More ›

Cataract Canyon Express Whitewater

Your company and the guides had a very well organized trip with a fun itinerary, good food and good equipment. They were very good at explaining the sights as we went along. The short day hikes were fun. The whole Cataract Canyon classic 4 day trip was very professionally done, and I would recommend your company to others.

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Grand Canyon Group Relaxing

My husband Alan has always wanted to do a trip down the Grand Canyon and when our friends told us about their trip with Western River they had a done a few years previous - he said "right we are doing this". I was so nervous and out of my comfort zone and Alan was ready for anything! Well - we had the most amazing trip of a lifetime with our...Read More ›

Break Time Grand Canyon

Ben and Alora on our raft and Stephanie and RD on the other were fantastic! Very charming, very helpful, and I saw Alora pull off an amazing rescue on our boat while in the Hermit Rapid. I heard RD did a similarly amazing rescue on his boat. The food was excellent. I was initially worried about the effect of the heat on my wife but they emphasize...Read More ›

Cataract Canyon

The crew and the JRig were awesome. So much fun and long lasting memories.

Just wish I had more pictures! Don’t use United—>MOAB. They are a disaster. We had serious problems both directions, which involved us missing connections and nearly missing the trip.

Prepare for being “out there”. Sun, bugs, and dirt. But it’s all worth...Read More ›

Grand Canyon Walls Beach

While we all had an unforgettable experience on our Grand Canyon Rafting Trip, I give a shout out to the guides. Knowledgeable, fun, helpful, and filled with energy! They made sure all guests had a good time, learned a lot about canyon geology/lore and demonstrated underlying foundation of impressive river skills. Thank you for choosing to work...Read More ›