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Western River Trip Reviews

Grand Canyon Group Relaxing

My husband Alan has always wanted to do a trip down the Grand Canyon and when our friends told us about their trip with Western River they had a done a few years previous - he said "right we are doing this". I was so nervous and out of my comfort zone and Alan was ready for anything! Well - we had the most amazing trip of a lifetime with our...Read More ›

Break Time Grand Canyon

Ben and Alora on our raft and Stephanie and RD on the other were fantastic! Very charming, very helpful, and I saw Alora pull off an amazing rescue on our boat while in the Hermit Rapid. I heard RD did a similarly amazing rescue on his boat. The food was excellent. I was initially worried about the effect of the heat on my wife but they emphasize...Read More ›

Grand Canyon Lower Camp Views

We had an absolute blast on the trip and our guides were highly skilled, knowledgeable, passionate, accommodating, caring and FUN. The food was amazing and organization impressive. Our only criticism was the unnecessary and avoidable waste generated. Specifically we were very disappointed to see single use plastics for dessert plates and shrimp...Read More ›

Cataract Canyon

The crew and the JRig were awesome. So much fun and long lasting memories.

Just wish I had more pictures! Don’t use United—>MOAB. They are a disaster. We had serious problems both directions, which involved us missing connections and nearly missing the trip.

Prepare for being “out there”. Sun, bugs, and dirt. But it’s all worth...Read More ›

Grand Canyon Walls Beach

While we all had an unforgettable experience on our Grand Canyon Rafting Trip, I give a shout out to the guides. Knowledgeable, fun, helpful, and filled with energy! They made sure all guests had a good time, learned a lot about canyon geology/lore and demonstrated underlying foundation of impressive river skills. Thank you for choosing to work...Read More ›