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Western River Trip Reviews

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Just do it!

5 /5 stars based on 495 reviews

A sovereignly timed trip that was just what I needed. 6 days with no cell phone service does a soul good. RD, the Newty's, and Maired were beyond excellent.If you've thought about doing it and have the time and $$, DO...

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Pure Colorado River Magic

5 /5 stars based on 495 reviews

The journey and the guidance, curated by our guides Mickey, Ronnie, Marc and Jeff, was magical. Seeing the geology of the Grand Canyon and hearing the history and stories had such deep meaning, and I will cherish the...

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Fabulous trip

5 /5 stars based on 495 reviews

Thoroughly enjoyed our week of whitewater rafting through the immaculate Grand Canyon with stunning views of canyon walls; hikes to waterfalls; and best of all a vacation with my two sons. Thanks for this fabulous...

Grand Canyon Walls Beach

Trip of a Lifetime!

5 /5 stars based on 495 reviews

I can't begin to express my gratitude for the hard work, dedication, knowledge, professionalism, and festive environment our guides afforded us on our 6 day trip down the Colorado through the majestic, Grand Canyon! Mark,...

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Best Birthday cake ever!!

5 /5 stars based on 495 reviews

My 67th birthday was on August 9th the second day of the trip and Scott, Latt, Hiram and Naomi our guides made me a cake. The trip was awesome. The other folks on the trip were awesome. The guides were awesome and my...

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We have memories forever

5 /5 stars based on 495 reviews

Since the adults in my family went down the Grand Canyon in 2015 and 2016, I have been dreaming of taking my kids and their cousins on a rafting trip in Utah. I wanted them to sleep under the stars and splash in the cool...