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Mitchell Jensen. - | July 18, 2023

The Keller family is an inspiration. The guides were personally engaged with each guest from young to old and I feel that we’re all close because we were challenged and encouraged with such positivity.

The canyon surpasses every expectation. The River, a miniature by comparison to the Canyon is its eternally beating heart and humbling to...Read More ›

While this was my fifth 6-day Grand Canyon trip with Western River, dating back to 1983, it was most special because I was joined by my son and two friends to celebrate my 80th birthday. The rapids were the best of any of my trips and the overall experience was typical of Western River - outstanding. Our guides Evan, Hyrum, Noah, and Caden provided...Read More ›
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My family and I spent 4 amazing days in Utah, and it was so much more than I ever expected. The company was perfect. Amazing guides, everyone was super professional but also so much fun! I don't have a single complaint about it. The hotel was great, each part of the tour was great. Absolutely worth it! I need to start planning our next trip!Read More ›
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My son turned 14 during our time in the canyon, sharing a birthday with one of our guides. We started the morning at Havasu (see photo) and ended the day with dutch oven birthday cake at camp (2 different kinds!). It will certainly go down as one of the most memorable of his lifetime. The entire week was spectacular, with a first-rate crew and...Read More ›
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We LOVED our river trip down Desolation Canyon. It's the best way to unplug. By the second day, I was relieved from my day-to-day concerns at home and was able to focus on the present and just be with my family. We loved playing games together with the other families and guides and swimming and paddling the "ducky" over rapids! We thoroughly...Read More ›

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My family was fortunate enough to go on the 6-day Grand Canyon expedition this June and we had the most incredible time. Our guides in particular were ROCKSTARS (thanks to the Newty pair aka Paul and Noah, Steven, and Evan) and they shared their enthusiasm for the river, geology, and history with our group. While the views and river itself were...Read More ›

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We had a great trip with 30 family members and accompanying friends! The rafting was great but my favorite aspects were the hikes during the day, chatting at camp and sleeping under the stars. On the final day our guides serenaded us on the guitar as we approached the take out. The guides were truly extraordinary! I was so beyond impressed with...Read More ›