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Western River Trip Reviews

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Michelle Lombardi. - | August 18, 2023

Three years ago I did the Grand Canyon 4 day trip and loved it. Western River was so great that I planned another trip this year. This time with my kids. I knew I had to go WRE again so I booked the 4 day Southwestern Sampler. We had a wonderful time!! Again, WRE had everything perfect from great planning instructions to flawless execution! The...Read More ›

Grand Canyon Guides

I had every expectation that this was going to be a great trip, and it was. The Grand Canyon and Colorado River are, of course, spectacular. But, our expedition guides Hyrim and Shelby made the experience even better. Super nice guys. Hard-working, fun to be with, and very knowledgable on the canyon's geology and human history. At every turn, they...Read More ›

Break Time Grand Canyon

When I tell people that we took a 3-day trip down the Grand Canyon. They usually respond "Yeah, I looked down in it before". I think to myself, they didn't really see the canyon. The view from the river leaves you in a constant state of amazement. There's a reason it is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Quit the excuses and do...Read More ›

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This was a perfect family vacation. ROW and the team did an incredible job going above and beyond to make our trip fun for everyone. The middle fork river is magical, the food was top notch and the guides are incredible people, teachers, athletes and cooks! I can not say enough good things… am very grateful to have had this experience.Read More ›
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Our guides - Noah, Steph, Meghan, and Lucky were great! We had a wonderful group of people on our raft and awesome staff (Noah and Steph). Noah was a wealth of information all along our trip and Steph handled the raft incredibly. We had so much fun while on the river, at lunch stops, on hikes, and in camp. All the staff were incredible making...Read More ›

Grandcanyon Wre

Not going to lie, I was a little nervous about the trip. So much adventure for someone who is only moderately adventurous and doesn't go a day without makeup or a shower. To top it off, I hurt my knee the week before, so I wasn't 100%. A small plane, horse riding, shooting guns, a helicopter ride, white water rapids, and camping in 115+ degree...Read More ›