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Western River Trip Reviews

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Our second time around

5 /5 stars based on 438 reviews

Sometimes in life you find someplace to both disconnect from the world while connecting even more to those around you. I was lucky to spend time with friends and make new ones in a beautiful place. My wife and I took...

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Great Costa Rican Adventure

5 /5 stars based on 438 reviews

This trip did exceed my expectations. All the accommodations were really top of the line. The rafting on the Pacuare is really spectacular. The lodge had some of the best food on the trip. There is a reason this river...

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Thanks for an awesome adventure

5 /5 stars based on 438 reviews

From beginning to end it was full of new experiences. Bar 10 Ranch, sleeping in a covered wagon, ATV ride, horseback ride, skeet shooting, BBQ, and entertainment! First time in a helicopter! Meeting new folks... now...

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This trip was amazing!

5 /5 stars based on 438 reviews

It truly had everything! The exciting small plane ride, awesome helicopter ride down into the canyon, experienced guides that truly accommodate your every need! The scenery and the camaraderie were unparalleled to any...