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Desolation Canyon Adventure

5 /5 stars based on 495 reviews

We took 10 members of our family ages 9 to 78. As promised, Western River delivered quality guides, fun rapids, delicious food, games for all ages. Add beautiful night skies, Wild West history and love of nature, and I...

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Amazing amazing amazing

5 /5 stars based on 495 reviews

A life changing trip. The views, the people, the experience. A week with no service, and being fully engaged in nature will make you leave with a different perspective on life. The guides are beyond impressive and I would...

Canyon in Grand Canyon

A Memorable experience

5 /5 stars based on 495 reviews

Everything was beyond expectations! The ranch was incredible and the river rapids were exceptional. Amazing crews all around, who truly care about you having an enjoyable time.

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5 /5 stars based on 495 reviews

Thank you, Jeff and Enzo, for making us laugh and for sharing stories of past expeditions, for feeding us and keeping us safe, and giving us wild rides especially on the biggies, Hermit and Lava. What thrills! I cannot...

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Tons of fun

5 /5 stars based on 495 reviews

From day one we knew it would be lots of work. All of the equipment on the rafts, and there are lots, has to be loaded and unloaded by the rafters but it has to be done!! It’s a very efficient system and doesn’t take...