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We in the Lewis/Marais family had a very good experience. We were particularly impressed with our river guides and how well they managed the meals and the outdoor camping experience. They really looked out for us. My grand daughter's favorite acquaintance on the trip was Bob with his dry (almost sardonic) humor.Read More ›
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Darlene VanAmburgh. - | July 7, 2022
I cannot begin to describe what an awesome experience this was for me. I am 72 and had never done anything quite so far out of my comfort zone. I knew I wanted to have a great adventure and I found it. So many see the Grand Canyon from the top down, but few get to experience it from the river up! The rock formations and the way the light hits...Read More ›
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My son and I traveled from Orlando. The trip started with a fun day at Bar 10 ranch. Horseback riding, skeet shooting, and ATV riding were all first times for my son. We stayed in old covered wagons. They looked dicey at first but actually were pretty fun.

The actual river trip started the next morning. The rafting was peaceful at times...Read More ›

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I was privileged to be part of the Hoagland party (Hoagie!). I also had the privilege of taking my 77yr old Aunt Cindy. The guides were amazing! Ben B was at the helm, and his readings and anecdotes, philosophy, and humor was priceless. All of the guides gave everyone such comfort in their leadership. The excursions of hikes, waterfalls, ...Read More ›

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The Desolation Canyon trip far exceeded my expectations. Our trip leader, Mya, and her team were exceptional. They were always concerned with our safety, comfort, and overall fun experience. They cooked great meals and were available to help with whatever we needed.

I did want to know more about the geological and history of the area but...Read More ›


Every part of our Desolation Canyon trip exceeded expectations. Being completely disconnected from technology and surrounded by the beauty of nature for five days was so refreshing. Sleeping under the stars at night is something we will always remember. The food was top-notch. It was truly astonishing the surprises the guides kept pulling from the...Read More ›

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Desolation Canyon was an amazing experience. Beautiful scenery, fun rapids, and great meals. But what made it so great for my kids was the guides. My kids were crying at the end of the trip because they felt like they were having to say by to people who had become family. Western hires the best guides and they turned our trip into an adventure my...Read More ›
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We enjoyed the trip. Truly an adventure due to a hole in one of the rafts, causing changes to the schedule and planned camping site. We made due and enjoyed the people around us. Mostly happy with the vegan accommodations, but would have hoped for more variety. The guides were great and most of them made an effort to interact with everyone. Getting...Read More ›