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View From Nankoweap Granaries on North Rim Grand Canyon 1

A 1981 family 3-4 days from Bright Angel Trail (Phantom Ranch) to Lava Falls was dwarfed by the Full Monty - Lee's Ferry to Lava Falls. Yes, the extra ~100 miles really opened my eyes to this American masterpiece...a must for citizens - IT'S YOUR BIRTHRIGHT which we share with the world.

The attached picture of the 1,000 yr old Nankoweap...Read More ›

Grand Canyon Family Photo

My four siblings, our spouses, and our dad did the 4-day River Raft trip in the Grand Canyon in June 2023. Since we all live in different places and have busy lives, it was a unique experience to spend time together and have fun. We talked over relaxing dinners, reminisced about stories under the stars, laughed through the rapids, and caught up...Read More ›

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I can't say enough about how great our guides were - Skinny, Micky, Swanee and Jack - they made the trip perfect in every way. Not only are they truly professional boatsmen with expertise of very twist, turn and bend in the river, but their knowledge of the history and geology of the Canyon added so much enjoyment to the trip. Their daily reading...Read More ›
Cataract Canyon Campfire
I've been on white water in Colorado but the rapids on this trip in early July was great. I went with my daughter, daughter-in-law, son-in-law and grand daughter. We all will be talking about this adventure for the rest of our lives. The sleep over in the sand was indescribable. Awoke at 1AM to see the full moon rising over the mountains with a...Read More ›