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Western River Trip Reviews

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Joanne Revis. - | July 4, 2021
This experience was Phenomenal + . I would have ever believed I would experience such an adventure in my lifetime. Every member of the ranch were outstanding and with much talent. The raft crew were absolutely incredible and skilled. Thank you Stephan, Mackay, Mackey and Marc for keeping us safe, informed and feed.Read More ›
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Jonathan O'Connell. - | July 4, 2021
We were beyond impressed with this trip from start to finish. The guides were friendly and explained every detail to make everyone comfortable as we embarked on the expedition. The meals were wonderful and the attention to detail left us feeling like this was one of the best vacations of our lives. Thank you Western River!Read More ›
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This trip was my #1 Bucket List Trip and it absolutely exceeded my expectations! Western River Expeditions, you certainly have it all together from the beginning of booking the trip to the very end! What an incredible staff you have. Office staff, transportation staff, river guides, you are all incredible. Thank you for making my trip one of...Read More ›

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This was my third raft trip with WR and once again the trip did not disappoint! The raft staff -- Paco, Skinny, Ben, and Daniel were amazing! The scenery was, of course, spectacular! Loved the cots and chairs -- we did NOT have those on the 7-day 6-night trip in 1993! Thanks for another memorable adventure. The least favorite moment-- hot night in...Read More ›

Amazing Grand Canyon

Our trip down the Colorado River and through the Grand Canyon defies my descriptive skills. Simply stated, the magnificence of the setting, and the feelings it evokes, must be experienced to be fully comprehended. I had always wanted to visit the Canyon, but the best way to appreciate its majesty is to flow through it and to, literally, immerse...Read More ›