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10 out of 10!!


| May 26, 2017

Epic adventure...check off the bucket list!! I shared this trip with my parents and couldn't have asked for a better experience. Pre trip info, transportation, safety briefing, camp gear and information, food and potty info where explained perfectly (let's be honest, everyone was wondering how the bathroom situation would work. It was nothing to worry about...customers are taken care of).

As a Parks and Recreation Professional, I have a great respect for the planning process, dedication and time invested by the staff at Western River Expedition. They have a staff that believes in the power of recreation and are in the business of making amazing memories for their guests.

We won the lottery of guides...Ronnie, Jeff, Mikey and Corey were fantastic! As a female, it is inspiring to see Ronnie, veteran of the company loving her job and being a respected leader of the team. You go, girl!!

Looking forward to the next adventure...I will be back for the 6 day. :-)

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