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A Trip of a Lifetime – Grand Canyon Rafting Trip


| July 17, 2011

The best part of the whole Grand Canyon Rafting trip is the feeling that you are the only ones on the river!!! With our two rafts we never saw another raft, How cool was that!

The guides were so interesting with stories about the first river runners and explorers. They lead us up to caverns with waterfalls -unbelievable!!! You must do this - the wonder of it all. We had great guides, Kelly Ben Cory and the guy with the funny nickname. The food was good,we even had a chocolate cake-really good. I was so impressed with the whole experience. I have rafted other rivers before but this takes the cake!!!!!! Wonderful,beautiful, and so much FUN. GO! You'll be glad you did. This makes my bucket list complete. Where do I go from here?

Dorothy - Maine
Grand Canyon Rafting 3 Day
5 stars

Where do you go from here? Back upstream! The Colorado River in Utah and the upper part of Grand Canyon are must-do adventures as well! - Western River

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