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A truely unforgetable experience that everone should try (at least once)!


| August 19, 2010

I knew it would be fun. I knew it would be beautiful. I knew, I knew - but I didn't know just how much. The beauty of our country and the touch of God's hand is something that pictures and testimonials will never adequately capture. What you have to do is experience it yourself. I think this trip is perhaps the PERFECT introduction trip for anyone. You get to taste and experience so many new and exciting things, but you aren't overwhelmed with it either. The ranch was fun with the horseback riding and skeet shooting and they treat you like family. The helicopter ride down to the river gave us all a preview of just how awesome the Grand Canyon is. For me, three days and two absolutly gorgeous nights on the river are not enough but will have to do for now.

You've never seen stars until you see them form the canyon! If you go in August, it is hot (really hot) and you will drink a lot of water, you will use lots of sun screen and you will have the time of your life! If there was any downside it was that this time of year the river was muddy from the previous rain up north. I would suggest goggles for anyone wearing glasses. I think if I had to pick one thing that made this trip the most enjoyable experience ever was the guides!! Cash, Chad, "Gonzo" and Nick were without question the PERFECT crew of guys to ensure you got the maximum dose of fun, excitement, information and history about the Grand Canyon. I'm sure there are other good guides, but if you can get just one of these guys you are lucky - to have all four was to make this trip the best it could have possibly been - ever!. They cook wonderfully, they take great care of you, they are wonderful with kids, always there to help but give you plenty of space for yourself if that's what you want. Our last day, as the jet boat was leaving the canyon, you caught everyone looking back. Wanting one last picture, one last look. I'm going back!

Name: Frank
State: New Jersey
Your Trip: Arizona - Grand Canyon Rafting & Ranch 4 Day
OverallRating: 5 stars

Western River Rafting Trip
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