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Adventure of 2 Families Meeting


| July 11, 2017

This was an adventure of a lifetime! Experiencing the Grand Canyon and it's grandeur from the heart of it was unforgettable.

Scorpions, snake wrangling, and pirate looting all part of the adventure! The adrenaline and rush of the rapids. The reward of a hike. Trying my hand at canyoneering. And the stars!!! Breathtaking!

Our crew's cooking skills and phenomenal technical boating finesse never ceased to amaze. The passion and love the guides had for this majestic place was contagious. Look for my application once I improve my boating skills and complete the suggested readings :)

I can't thank you enough for this experience.

People thought we were nuts sticking our parents on a boat for 6 days to meet for the first time. Couldn't have been a better bonding experience.

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