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| October 12, 2016

Our trip down the Rogue River was amazing. Beautiful scenery, wonderful guides, king hearted host and hostess, yummy food, great wine, new friends, and friendly lodge pets (deers).

Our guides, Tom, Lori and Benzley were great! They were so knowledgeable about our surroundings and the river. We went on adventurous hikes to see historical sites on the river that were very interesting to learn about.

The food that was prepared was very fresh and yummy. Our days on the river can be described as adventurous, to fun, to exciting, to relaxing. There is a little bit of everything in these days. We ended the days with wine, hot meals, hot showers, great conversations, hikes, and astronomy lessons. My family will remember this trip for years to come. We will definitely be back! Thanks for a great trip on the river and wonderful memories!!! Anthony, Jill, Ava and Gio

Rogue River Lodge to Lodge Trip

Oregon - Rogue River Trip
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Rogue River Lodge to Lodge Trip

Rogue River Lodge to Lodge Trip

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