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Amazing and exhilarating in every sense of the words.


| October 27, 2011

This story actually begins 11 years ago when my 78 year old father and 51 year old brother took this same trip.  They came back so excited that I knew my wife and I had to go some time.  Well, we have now experienced the most exhilarating and exciting adventures we have had the pleasure to be a part of.  We are very experienced hikers and travelers in the West and especially the High Sierras.  I have climbed Half Dome several times, Mt. Whitney at 13 and even hiked to Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Grand Canyon when I was 11 years old, but being in the bottom of the Grand Canyon in rocks that were 1 1/2 billion years old and with some wonderful people from all over the U.S. and England was fantastic.  Our "guides" were Ben and Greg (Newty).  They were very experienced, knowledgeable, energetic, great cooks, great sense of humor, understanding, caring, and just plain fun to be around.  The supplies were more than we needed which included, the tents, cots, sleeping bags, and a port-a-potty that was just like "home" except that the views were the best in the world.  The rapids were bigger than big but if you wanted to see the rapids and not get the full force of the water you could sit on top and enjoy the ride.  On the other hand I wanted to experience all the rapids and see if it was the ride of a life time that I was told.  So, I sat up front most of the time and let me tell you I did not see the big rapids as much as I felt every one, as I was holding on for dear life and "sucking rubber".  Not one person fell off the raft even in the biggest of rapids.  Great job of navigating Ben and Greg!

The stars at night were unbelievable and the lightning and thunder we had on the first night was so spectacular.  The only problem was that the river turned to "chocolate" brown instead of green or blue.  But that made the body train and float down the "Little Colorado" even more special.  Havasu Creek was as aqua-marine as the pictures in the National Geographic.  The hikes were challenging but worth the effort, especially to the falls and clean water to bathe or just swim.  I know this is a longer review than necessary but I am still so "stoked" that I wanted to share what was on my mind.  Oh, by the way, the helicopter ride out of the canyon and the plane flight back to the start of the trip were pretty special as well.  My wife and I are 64 years young and we would go again tomorrow.  I have already recommended this trip to many people.

Greg and Anita - Atwater, CA
Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day
5 stars

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