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An Amazing Adventure!


| July 14, 2016

We took the 7-day vacation. This was the most amazing vacation we have ever taken.

The food - where to even begin with that?? If you go hungry on this trip, it is your own doing! The food is fresh, plentiful and delicious!

The J-rig - the best boat on the river! There is a spot on the boat for every level of adventurer!

The guides – outstanding! I cannot imagine taking this trip with any guides other than Ben and Evan! Their knowledge of the canyon history, geology, flora and fauna was incredible! I asked A LOT of questions, it is hard to stump these guys!

The canyon – stunning. A new glorious scene literally around every bend on the river. Every canyon side trip, a gorgeous waterfall. The most breathtaking night skies and a milky way like you have never seen.

This was a once in a lifetime trip and I thank Western River Expeditions for making it a wonderfully memorable one!

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