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Anyone can (and everyone should!) run the rapids!


| September 18, 2010

There was excitement!  There were chills and spills (but no one went overboard)!  There was even a broken motor handle (I'm sure boatman Evan enjoyed flying up in the air like that).  And every minute was a joy.  The rapids were amazing no matter where you sat on the boat.  The side hikes were wonderful, interesting and fun.  And there is nothing like sleeping under the stars, waking in the middle of the night to enjoy the view.  I especially loved the hike to the patio and The Bighorn Sheep Show.  Evan, Grace and "Brother Eric" were awesome at motivating everyone to move outside their comfort zone, while also accurately describing the challenges of each particular hike, how much water to bring (and when carrying a water bottle would interfere with handholds) and helping us over the rough spots.  I would definitely consider another Western River Expeditions adventure.   PS the packing list was spot on!

Christine - San Francisco, CA
Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day
OverallRating: 5 stars
Western River Rafting Trip
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