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| October 6, 2016

I was told by our guide that 95% of people who come to see the Grand Canyon - see it only from the top of the respective rims and that a mere 5% go down into the canyon as we did in its ultimate realization via a river rafting trip. I would submit that the 95% have never really seen the Grand Canyon.

This trip - for me - had it all. I was privileged to have my immediate family with me and the sense of wonderment and audacity of the vastness of the Canyon's beauty was universal amongst us. The thrill of taking a river rafting trip down the Canyon with our expert team of guides was the only way to truly experience this place.

The guides were expert in answering questions, providing Canyon knowledge, and guiding our boats with expertise and plenty of thrills.

Of course one of the benefits of the expedition was meeting a variety of people from all over and from different walks of life. We made some lasting friendships through a common experience of travelling through this amazing place.

The entire experience for our family with Western River Expeditions was worth every penny.

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