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Awesome Trip. Eye Opening Experience


| October 6, 2016

This Grand Canyon 6-day trip was awesome. The guides were more than amazing, they tended to literally every need I could ever ask for. They made fantastic food and had great stories no matter where they went. They kept us very well informed throughout the whole week. Wherever we went, they set us up with great camping and were always there when we needed something extra. Only complaint is maybe there should be a way to put people in proper athletic groups much of the time I found myself worried about the well being of some of the older members of the group. Maybe there could be a separate group for the older members so that the younger people could carelessly roam the canyon without having to hold up and worry for the older people. Overall it was a great time and I will be looking at my life through different eyes than before I left for the trip.

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Grand Canyon - 6 or 7 Day Vacation
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