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Best Experience Ever!


| November 15, 2016

Our 7-day trip through the Grand Canyon was a life changing, exhilarating experience due to the group that we went with and our 4 wonderful guides: Nick, Evan, Steve, and Jace. These guides/young men, were like no other we'd ever seen. They drove the rafts, cooked, did history narration, and PATIENTLY answered numerous questions.

Each meal was well balanced nutritionally for this rigorous 7 day trip.

Each day I would wake up about 4:30am, head to the river to freshen up, and start packing up to be-mostly ready for the relaxing breakfast and wonderful comraderie.

Thank you for offering and maintaining this high quality, inspiring, awesome adventure, of being able to look up at the sky and canyon walls every day and night and have all you needed to use in a 20 pound bag.

I'm grateful and humbled.

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