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Can’t Get Enough


| September 26, 2017

This, my fourth trip, was as good as my first. The Grand Canyon's scenery never lets you down: day or night. The rapids: ah, the rapids - so cold, so much roller coaster action and so much anticipation for the big ones. You can't get enough.

Our guides knew all our 16 names before I knew their 4 names. They always had time for your smallest need. They made the camp set-up and take-down seem easy. I always had confidence in Western River Expeditions' J-Rig and crew when going through the biggest of rapids: Hermit comes to mind.

The food was always fresh, varied and plentiful. My daughter has a special need for her diet and the crew caught onto this right away.

The other voyagers were all friendly. I was so pleased that WRE paired my 16 year-old granddaughter with two other similar aged girls on our J-rig. The three of them were thick as thieves.

I'm thinking about a 5th trip. I can't get enough!

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