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| August 16, 2018

Our rafting trip with Western River Expeditions was one of those once in a lifetime experiences. We were warmly greeted by Cory and Scott on Sunday morning as we prepared for our 3-day adventure on the Colorado River. We were traveling with a group of 18 which made the trip even more pleasant since we all were recruited by the same member of our party giving us that common bond.

We were able to quickly load the boat and get through our safety briefing before we started our expedition down the river. The guides shared their wealth of knowledge of the history of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River. We were treated to wonderful meals and great snacks though out the trip. The happy hour each evening was supplemented with buffalo wings and shrimp cocktail, not quite what I expected for a camping trip. There was plenty of options at each meal and they took care to ensure they met the dietary needs of some of the guests.

There were many highlights as we traveled down the river, first was the helicopter ride, shooting the rapids, the scenery, the peacefulness of being on the river, no cell phones or internet, for me, the one thing I enjoyed most was being able to sleep under the stars. The Grand Canyon is one of the last places you can do that without city lights and without bugs to bother you throughout the night.

A trip with Western River Expeditions down the Grand Canyon is one of the last ways to get away from everything with a few extra perks. Just don’t forget to return the frisbee.

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