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Don’t Miss This Trip


| June 23, 2017

From the time we were picked up in Marble Canyon all through our are nearly 188 mile trip down the Colorado River, our guides - Wiley, Lyndsey, Joe and Mickey, along with Ryan - took us on a journey where we can experience the magnificence and beauty of the Grand Canyon. While I have seen it from the South Rim on a few occasions, the constant awe of the beauty from the river is unmatched. This is a must see. Pictures cannot capture the sheer wonder of everything you see as you travel down river. We were taken on a tour of the human and geological history; prepared for and felt the exhilaration of all levels of rapids, from 1 to 10+ (the Grand Canyon rapid scale pre-dates the scale I was already familiar with); hiking to Elves Chasm, the Granary, the turquoise blue Little Colorado River, Deer Creek Falls and Havasu Creek, sleeping under the stars and Milky Way while listening to the river lap at the shores just a few feet away. On top of that, the food was amazing! What the guides can cook "in the wild" was nothing short of fantastic. If there was a Michelin Star available for camp cooks, they'd have it.

I highly recommend this trip and would put it in the "DO NOT MISS" category.

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