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Exceeded expectations


| October 20, 2011

I was apprehensive about going on this trip because I'm not in the best of physical shape.  However, I found that even though there was more physical activity than I'm used to, I was able to manage most of it.  On all of the side trips, every one of the guides (Joe, Shad, Andy and Jason) was right there to help all of us over any difficult spots.  They also were most accomodating when it came to my dietary restrictions, always being careful to ask if I could eat certain foods and setting aside special (generous!) portions for me.  As for being on the water, Joe has to be the best!  He made the milder rapids fun and got us through the rougher ones safely.  Shad was our entertainer, keeping us busy laughing at his remarks and fascinated by his stories.  I know that everyone who goes on one of these trips thinks that their raftsmen are the best, but I know that we had the most experienced and most fun ones around!

Lani - Ferndale, WA
Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day
5 stars

Western River Rafting Trip
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