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| November 13, 2011

This trip was exceptional from start to finish.  I was impressed by the smooth logistics of moving 18 people seamlessly from Las Vegas and back again.   Our modes of transportation in sequential order were; bus, plane, helicopter, raft, jet boat, bus.   Kudos to the back office for the seamless transportation movement, as seen by your customers. 
The beauty of the Grand Canyon from the river cannot be expressed in a few words.  We were all awestruck, but not speechless.  Lasting memories will be had by all.   The knowledge of our guides, Lucky and Joe on geological structures, river history and storytelling were amazing.  A trip like this is a must for everyone.  Imagine four days of; no cell phones, no computers, and no deadlines – although overwhelming at first, what a treat, and this from a blackberry- talking to the office addict.  I will never forget the feeling of the moment when this” back to nature” trip ended.

Patricia - Calgary
Grand Canyon Rafting & Ranch 4 Day
5 stars
Western River Rafting Trip
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