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Exciting Westwater Canyon


| September 12, 2016

The Colorado River and Westwater Canyon speak for themselves. Awesome! We had 3 boats and 4 guides. Our boat's guide was a little "serious" -- yes, I know its a serious adventure, but still . . . . We had a poor choice by the guide for the "up front pacer" and that caused issues -- notably the guide constantly calling out instructions that could not be followed very well by our pacer. However, it was a fun and thrilling ride, even though several from our boat were dumped into a Class 4 rapid -- Skull Rapids -- largely due to the poor choice of the lead pacer (3 or 4 of us were tossed out -- the boat did not overturn!). In retrospect, the dump into the river was WAY fun, though not necessarily what one would plan or hope for. There was no real danger, although I suppose one never knows . . . . The prep for safety was excellent, and the "rescue" efficient.

We had occasion to interact with a couple other guided boats, and I would not have been happy with them. Minor example, they rescued some stuff after our dump, and were less than cooperative in returning our gear.

I would go it again in an instant if given the chance. You can't be anywhere near MOAB and not invest 1 day in this adventure!

Staff were excellent otherwise. Fun and serious. Our bus driver was a character and knowledgeable about local history, which made the travel fun.

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