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| July 9, 2010

First off, my husband (Doug) and I spent one day and night at the Bar-10 Ranch.  Gavin, Garth, Ben and all the other staff members were polite, obliging -- just down right hospitable.  Right from the very moment we landed, to the moment we flew away, it was a whirlwind of activity: horseback riding, ATV-ing, skeet shooting, eating and enjoying good ole' fashioned entertainment--TOP NOTCH!!!   I highly recommend this as a must do / don't miss out.  This is a unique experience and sooooo worth it.  PERFECT!!!  Next came three days and two nights consisting of, but not limited to: rafting, hiking, eating and sleeping in and along the Colorado River that runs smack dab through the center of the Grand Canyon.  It was by far the MOST EXCITING and INSPIRING experience of my life!!! (My husband agrees -- completely!).  Prior to my excursion in June of 2010, I would periodically visit your website and wonder if I, too, would come away with a similar experience described and posted by so many others....well, I can now PROUDLY say that I have since become a member of this elite group of people who call themself "River Rat" because they have experienced the Grand Canyon up-close and personal, and fell in love. It was an extremely humbling experience -- wholistically.  I met amazing people who shared my love of the outdoors and the excitement that only Mother Nature offers -- it is her finest!!!   Your staff, our Captains and First Mates: Joe, Nate, Wiley and Amy are the best of the best -- all the way!  Each of them are very knowledgeable, extremely helpful, sincerely patient and always professional.  I am sure that the Western River owners are quite proud to call them, their own, rightfully so.  Thank you guys; I will never forget you!!!  My husband and I have already decided that we MUST/WILL do it with that, I just want to say from the bottom of my heart--Thank You...and we will see you again---soon!!!  Sincerely, Gail (aka: River Rat Enthusiast) Belvidere, IL

Gail - Belvidere, IL
Grand Canyon Rafting & Ranch 4 Day
Western River Rafting Trip
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