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This Experience Is Beyond Words. The Vistas, Side Trips And Crew Make This Trip Unforgettable.


| November 1, 2016

I took the 4-day "express" in 1976. My parents took it before me and strongly encouraged me to do it. My 1976 experience was a powerful spiritual experience which I wanted to share with my daughters and son-in-law. The 6-day trip was filled with adventure and incredible side excursions I did not have on my previous trip. It had been 40 years since I took my trip and two rapids, Crystal and Lava Falls, never left my memory. However, on this trip, Hermit rapids, was most outstanding thus demonstrating how the river and rapids do change over time.

The crew, which took care of our every need, were fantastic. They kept us safe by steering our huge rafts through treacherous rapids, provided fascinating, historical information and cooked up superb meals. It's amazing how much those rafts, the j-rigs can carry.

At night, the stars were amazing as I chose to sleep outdoors on my cot and not inside a tent. And of course there are the canyons. There simply are no words to describe the majesty of marble, red rock and the grandest of all the Grand Canyon. I would sit in awe of one unbelievable vista after another. This is heaven on earth. Then of course are the rapids. "Suck rubber", were the words to inform us all that this was no ordinary experience about to take place. I was told over and over again by my family that this was a once in a life time experience.

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