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Experience is Inexpressible in Words…


| September 29, 2016

How to even review an experience inexpressible in words...

From the moment we stepped on to the raft, it was as if we were welcomed home! Our 3 guides Taylor, Jon, and Carter, will be remembered long after our bags are unpacked! They are a gift to those that are blessed to call them guides and friends! Our souls are deeper and although the canyon is its own language our 3 guides translated the history, the roar and profound solitude of the river and canyons! A hell of a crew and the greatest of food, we will forever be grateful for this extraordinary crew! Thank you Taylor, Jon and Carter.

We craved a to-do list of wild adventure, the knowledge and richness of history, scaling rocks we have never climbed, swimming in rivers we have never touched and sleepovers under the stars! What we received was far greater than all of our to-do list! The adventure we took part in will not just be remembered; it has formed into our souls:

Time, gift it

Love, share it

Joy, choose it

Adventure, bring it

If you are waffling or on the fence with this yourself a favor...Book it! You will come out more alive and intent on a life well lived! There are seven days in a week, SOMEDAY isn't one of them...

Thank you for our incredible adventure! It's one for the books...Moab, Utah-Cataract Canyon.

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Moab Utah - Cataract Canyon Classic 4 Day
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