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| August 17, 2017

I really cannot express enough how fabulous our trip was. First of all, we had the best guides on the river- Shad, Skinny, Scott and Mackay. They really invested time in all of us and it really made a difference. For me, the trip was somewhat spiritual. The beauty of the Grand Canyon is overwhelming and blending that with the history of the area, made it really special.

The trip was a stretch for me physically! In Cincinnati, we do not rock climb. lol. Again the guides were really patient with me and encouraged everyone to participate. I was so proud that I rode in the front and middle most of the time. I really expected to stay in the chicken coop! lol!

In addition, the food was sensational! Every meal was special and again the guys did a great job. in addition, we had musical performances which were really special- Thank you Scott!

Thank you again for such a wonderful adventure!

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