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The Most Fantastic Experience Ever!


| July 29, 2016

Unimaginable! Western River Expeditions is the best. From reservations to recommendations to preparedness and the life experience was a perfectly organized sequence of events.

First, our ultra-professional and talented guides: Our man Wiley (boat captain), first mate Scott, (Mr. talent), Lady Lyndsay, (boat captain), and first mate Keiffer (the All American). All of these people are so talented. Their knowledge of the river and Grand Canyon is tremendous. Navigating the river and instructions made a safe and fun trip.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner were exquisite and the after dinner, live entertainment was fantastic with Wiley on the guitar, Lindsay on the saw, (perfect pitch) Scott on the guitar and harmonica. All original from our guides.

Fun for all, and new friends! Thanks again Western River..... and my friends, Wiley, Scott, Lindsay, and Kieffer.

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