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Fifth Trip Down with Western River


| August 16, 2016

Fifth trip down with Western River. All great as usual. Guides were top notch too. Johnny, Newty, Daniel and Kelly.

A few suggestions. Again.

Coffee was not good. Boyd's Brand. Very bland with little or no flavor or caffeine. I do not like the Coffee Mate, horrible stuff, full of chemicals etc. If you can bring ice cream why can't you bring real cream?

Seems as though the quality of the food has diminished. Steak was tuff as per the other guests. I don't care to eat the steak. Hamburger patties were funny looking.

I typically don't eat grilled trout but it was excellent.

All breakfasts were very good. Nice way to start the day.

Lunch was consistent and good, and fresh.

Overall it still is a great trip with great guides and wonderful company (Western River). Your ability to do this time after time is remarkable, and it is done with no frequency of accidents. There are LOTS of opportunities for accidents. You have a put together a fabulous organization.

BTW Bar 10 Ranch was extremely unorganized! Used to be there was a picture taken when we got off the helicopter. It was windy so not all helicopters landed at the HDQTS but nobody took a photo. The gift shop was poorly stocked, I have purchased coffee mugs and shirts that are one of a kind. Did not exist this trip.

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