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| October 14, 2016

Everything was excellent!

We booked the Red Cliffs Lodge, Hummer Safari and Rafting package called the Westwater Multisport. Loved it all. One thing, the morning of our raft trip I got a phone call that the trip was ready to go and why weren't at the MAC? I freaked a bit, but said my confirmation said they were picking us up at the Lodge. The person checked and said oh yes, ok no problem. So, ultimately I was just glad that they weren't going to leave without us and called to see what was going on!!!!!!!

All staff, from helping me with computer issues registering, to Moab Adventure Center, to guides were great, fun and educated!!!!

It was my daughter's second trip with Western and I can't wait to book again for the family!

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Moab Utah - Westwater Canyon Multisport
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