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| July 25, 2016

It upsets me to write this because it means I am off the river. I have used Western River's offerings for 3 river trips; the Cataract Canyon Express, the 6-day Grand Canyon, 2014, and now the 3-day June 20th, 2016 as well as smaller scale things out of Moab Adventure Center. I remember the old "A" frame building you worked out of in Moab.

Having owned my own business in N.Y. for many years, I cannot convey to you the level of admiration and respect I have for the way you operate your enterprise. The consistency of such high quality care and customer regard is rare if not unique in today's Attention Deficit world. Unfortunately I cannot find the words to describe the visual aspect of these trips, especially in the Grand Canyon. But I can tell you that EVERY time I have traveled with these young men:

6 day-Corey, Latimer, Mark, and Nick; the 3 day: Joe, Shad, Steven, and Nick again, Cataract: Eric and Shaggy; they serve you impeccably with a level of knowledge, character, and consideration that is the envy of any business owner, even of a parent. These guys are the gold standard. You can't help but feel SAFE, relaxed, and completely enveloped in this magnificent experience. Having experienced the 6-day, I had to complete the river with the 3-day, allowing me to feel as if I belong to a very special club of those that have bore witness to this complete Wonder of the World.

I will be forever grateful to you for allowing me the privilege of sharing this adventure with you. I will revisit my memories of it every day for the rest of my life.

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