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I had the time of my life..A class act!


| November 17, 2011

A class act experience from the moment my reservation was made.  I had several questions throughout the many months after booking the trip and the women I spoke to at Western River Expeditions were incredibly helpful in the type of clothing needed, the weather and down to the menu for the trip.  Reminders came often which was helpful in getting prepared and packed.  My tip: take an inflatable pillow as it will take up less room in your bag.  Our guides, Wiley, Grace and Katie kept us informed as to what to expect along the trip, great fun, friendly at all times and knowledgeable about the history of the Canyon.  They were great cooks and went the extra mile to make sure we were all comfortable and safe.  The first day, my heart was pounding so hard anticipating a rapid, but after the first one, getting soaked, still hangin on, the thrill, exhilaration and camaraderie, awesome!!!  I never wanted for anything during the whole trip.  Plenty of good food and snacks (gained weight) stops along the way to get off the raft and stretch.  We took a couple short walks to a clean, crisp waterfall and warm mineral springs.  The evening sky was like being in a planeterium which words will never describe.  Tents were not even needed as the air was warm and the sky was too awesome, just lay back on your cot and enjoy.   I saw a couple other guided raft operations float by and felt that the J-Rig used by Western River offered the most diversity for those looking for a thrilling wet river experience to a picture taking watchful ride.  I am still amazed how all the food is kept frozen and equipment, spare motors are all stored on this raft.  What an operation..fabulous and I can hardly wait to plan my next trip.  Thank you! Wiley, Grace and Katie!  A trip of a lifetime....

Cindy - Frederick, Maryland
Grand Canyon Rafting & Ranch 4 Day
5 stars

Western River Rafting Trip
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