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I’m 77 Years Old and Although It Is “Not for Sissy’s” It Is Not Impossible for Most Ages.


| August 17, 2017

Overall, I have recommended it to anyone interested in new adventures and not adverse to camping. I particularly appreciate the forces present in such National Treasurers, as the Grand Canyon, to keep them pristine during and after being there.

I did find one thing that could be better is that another helicopter would have been appropriate in dropping us at the river and retrieving returning another tour. A little too much waiting - granted because of the extreme heat in late June (19-21)... well over 110 degrees.

Thanks, however, to the guides - Mark 27 years of experience, Travis, RD and Kiefer, were extraordinary and made the experience exceptional.

Finally, the participants were wonderful - great families and friends made it a special few days.

I recommend a 'go-pro' type video camera (Waterproof). I had a Sony mounted on a bicycle helmet and the results were great. Make sure the camera is mounted securely as can be attested to by Jenna from Memphis - one wave tore it right off her head... fortunately Kiefer found it later in the journey.

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