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Incredible, Unforgettable Trip!


| August 15, 2017

I've been back home for almost 48 hours now, but my head is still in Utah. I have traveled many places in Europe and Peru with my friends- we called ourselves the Georgia Peaches on this trip- and it's always hard to say goodbye to friends and get back into daily life. But this time "re-entry" has been especially hard. This was the trip of a lifetime, and we kept texting each other all day yesterday and today, clearly reluctant to have this trip become a memory. (Of course, one of the things we did was send progress reports about loads of camp and raft laundry done and the condition of bruises, sprains and scrapes we proudly bear with honor!)

The 4-day Cataract Canyon trip was a spectacular and grand adventure! Our expert and hard working guides made the trip so much fun and we were treated to great meals cooked while we got to know our new friends in camp each evening. Our time on the river, whether in calm stretches or through Class V rapids was amazing! All the adventures- hiking up red rock cliffs, floating down quiet sections of the river, lying on my cot looking at a star-studded night sky, eating blueberry pancakes on the beach in the early morning, jumping off rocks into a swimming hole, making new friends, wriggling into my bathing suit in my sleeping bag, listening to our guides play the guitar in the light of a campfire- made this 63 year old grandmother feel alive, exhilarated... and ready for new adventures!

Huge thanks to everyone who made this trip an adventure I will never forget. Every bit of the trip was well-organized and ran on time and very smoothly. We were treated like royalty but also got a chance to help with unloading the rafts each time ("Fire-line!") There was just the right amount of activity and down time. The equipment we were given was in good condition and easy to set up. The places we camped were set up well and beautiful alongside the river. Our guides took the time to get to know each one of us by name and made sure we were having fun and our needs met. I am still just overwhelmed by how hard they worked to give us a very special experience. I miss them already!

Time to go back through my pics and imagine I am still on the Colorado River with good friends, bending low when I hear Alora yell, "Suck rubber!" and screaming with excitement and laughter as a wall of frigid water cascades over me. I'll imagine the sound of the river and crickets and the brightness of the stars overhead. I'll imagine the exhilarating feeling as I take a deep breath and leap off the rocks into the pool. I will remember the taste of hot chocolate on the beach in the mornings, I will remember the smell of driftwood burning bright as we sit in a circle around it. I can feel the warmth of the sun on wet skin. I will smile to see us sitting together on the raft with our arms around each other's shoulders. Most of all... I will remember being alive, exhilarated and happy. Thank you.

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