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| October 19, 2011

During my last night on the river, I tried to think of words I could use to describe my experience with Western River Expeditions in the Grand Canyon.  After an hour, I was only able to come up with one.  Indescribable.  My experiance in the Grand Canyon was life changing.  The guides were amazing on all levels.  I was lucky enough to experience this trip with a group of wonderful people.  We all had a blast!  I enjoyed every moment of this trip from start to finish.  Even all of the flying (I am afraid to fly).  At times I was even able to enjoy it.  I find myself thinking about "river life" often.  I close my eyes and imagine myself with my feet in the sand and water in the background...what a feeling!  Thank you Western and to all of our guides (Justin, Wren, Steven and Scott).  You guys were awesome!

Stephanie - New Jersey
Grand Canyon Rafting 3 Day
5 stars
Western River Rafting Trip
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