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Is there anything higher than a five star rating?


| September 27, 2011

Amazing!  Life changing!  Completely unforgettable!

If we could rate this trip higher than a five we would!  We had dangerously high expectations going into this trip and they were completely exceeded.  The side hikes are by far some of the best most memorable experiences of the trip and are well worth the effort!  The food is completely amazing and so well done.

A huge part of what made the trip for us (besides the incredible views of the canyon) was our team of guides.  Newty, Haley, Ben and Curt were absolutely incredible!  You can tell they have this down to a science by now, we knew we were in good hands at all times and I felt totally safe even when hiking along a very high, very narrow ledge.  A special thank you to Ben and Curt who were on our boat, for making this experience completely amazing.  Also thanks for the birthday cakes Ben!

If you are considering taking this trip I would say without a doubt to do it!  I had never been camping before in my life and was a little nervous going into it, but by day one I knew there was nothing to worry about.  The guides take the time to make sure everyone understands how camp is going to work and that was very reassuring.  If you've never slept out under the stars this is definitely a great place to start!!

Thank you Western River for a trip we will never forget!

Chris and Maura - Rochester NY
Grand Canyon Rafting 6 & 7 Day
5 stars

Western River Rafting Trip
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