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It’s a Once in a Lifetime Tour…


| August 2, 2016

I am a city girl and had never experienced a real camping ground anywhere, be it on a beach, by a river or on a mountain. This time I was brave enough to take on a 7-day Grand Canyon river tour. It had been quite an excitement for me and my girl friends to prepare, buy all of the stuff we're gonna need on the tour. The thought of the tour, as the date drew near day by day, sent a butterfly in my stomach.

The time finally came when we all descended upon Marble Canyon Lodge and were transported to Lees Ferry. From then on, we were all taken care of by namely Captain Parker and his team: Mark, Sam and 'Micky'.

I was all impressed with the friendliness, efficiency and level of knowledge of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon. All 24 of us who rode with Parker and his team in the two boats had a lot of fun and laughter together. It certainly is a one of a kind experience for me, everything from riding the white water rapids, daily hike of the canyon, a different camping ground every night, sleeping in the wide open watching starry nights, to experiencing a 'black tie' dinner on our last night - all but full of excitements and surprises. I am going home with a lot of fond memories and interesting stories to tell and share with my families and friends. In my opinion the river tour is certainly one of many things that one must do, only if you are an active person, love the nature and adventurous.

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