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It’s amazing how much life can exist on a raft!


| November 9, 2011

I can't believe how well organizied and supplied this trip was.   The coordination of the crew, and the planning involved is amazing.  It was a seamless adventure from beginning to end.   I didn't think I had this kind of life in me.  As a first time camper and rafter who has never hiked or climbed, I was a challenge for the crew.   They never missed a beat.  They helped me overcome all my fears, and I found myself right in on all of the activities.  Marty, Wren and Diana shared their family warmth and caring with all of us.   Besides being an interesting and knowledgeable crew, they were hospitality experts, who not only cooked and prepared all our creature comforts, but made us feel personally welcomed and looked after.  This was not just a vacation.  It was an adventure!

Regina - New Jersey
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